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IX All Russian Conference: “Neurcomputers and their Application” NCA-2011


A. V. Savelyev

The conference was devoted to some theoretical questions and actual problems of application of neural networks, neuro-computers and other trained structures for solving problems in the natural and engineering sciences and humanities. The topicality of her appearance due to a number of new directions in neuroscience, related primarily to the problem of information system security (ISS) of critical network systems that require a comprehensive intellectualization of such systems based on the concept of neuroradikals environment. Conference organizers – the editors of journal “Neurocomputers: development, use”, department of Information Technology MSPPU, publishing house “Radiotechnics”, publisher “Hot Line-Telecom” and journal “Information Technology”. Its purpose is an interdisciplinary association of professional scientists in various fields of application and development of neural network algorithms, discussion and generalization of their theoretical and practical results, to evaluate prospects of development of training structures. Participation of 154 registered participants from 62 organization from 12 regions of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus it possible to determine the current state and development trends and to develop of neurocomputing position on the most perspective problems and methods to solve them, not yielding to global practice, and on some provisions, exceeding it. Thematic sections were identified the problems of traditional uses of artificial neural networks – mathematical, technical, medical, biological, psychological, economic, juridical, and others, and new directions (quantum neural networks, characterization analysis). The conference was held a contest for young scientists, graduate students, undergraduates and young professionals without a degree in the age of 35 on the best scientific work presented at the section meeting. Honorary diplomas were awarded 33 participants. Conference should initiate regular holding similar events in the future, promoting the active development of the theory and practice of neural networks and related areas of scientific knowledge, has allowed to find new common points of view and mutual interests, as well as has contributed to further progress in the field of domestic neurocomputing.
May 29, 2020

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