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Heterostructural SHF-electronics in Russia: the present day


V.N. Vyuginov, A.G. Gudkov, V.A. Dobrov, S.A. Meshkov, V.V. Popov

The review of heterostructural SHF-electronics in Russia in the present time is presented. The main industries where products of heterostructural SHF-electronics are used are cellular communication, high speed fibre optic service, cellular television, automobile anti crash radars, satellite communication, wireless communication for transfer of complex images, videoconferences, high speed internet, military electronics and others. In military electronics heterostructural SHF devices are used in airborne and mobile radar sets on active phase-locked antennas for reconnoitering, goals discovery, guidance of missiles, and also for radio electronic fight. The main material of heterostructural SHF-electronics are GaAs, GaN, InP, SiC. One of leading institution in design sphere of monolithic integral schemes of SHF is a research institute of SHF semiconductor electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences. The similar research is conducted in Saint-Petersburg Academic University – research and education centre of nanotechnologies, Russian Academy of Sciences. Devices on the base of GaN/AlGaN are elaborated in «Svetlana-Rost» Ltd. In «Svetlana JSC» a number of monolithic integral schemes are designed and manufactured for wide application. In the article the relevant topic of complex technological optimization of construction parameters and technologies of monolithic integral schemes of SHF is described, as in this sphere of electronics the decrease of technological cost per unit even to some points of percent will bring huge economic gain.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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