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Application of Laser Correlation Analyzer for Determining Concentration of Major Proteins and Non-Referential Macromolecular Complexes in Saliva Using Biological Marks with Molecular Weight (0.5 – 2) MDa


V. M. Mushta, A. V. Ivanov, M. V. Utkina, V. M. Putilin, A. A. Stepankov

The paper presents a method for forming cancer risk groups that involves express-analysis of human saliva on laser correlation analyzer. The method is based on determination of concentration of major proteins and non-referential macromolecular complexes in saliva. It allows high degree of probability to evaluate the level of cancer risk. Particle size in liquid is determined by dynamic light scattering, – laser correlation analysis. Such method has the least impact on the studied biological liquids and allows evaluation of intact medium. This method is successfully used to study biological liquids, such as blood serum/plasma, liquor, saliva, etc., to solve problems of systemic sanitary and genetic monitoring of the population. The novel approach of the method is choosing dextran, natural biological product, as a standard for determination of protein mass concentration. Relative mass values of particles of different size groups were determined in saliva samples of healthy donors and cancer patients. The suggested methodology and modified devices of laser correlation analysis ensure high diadnostic effectiveness in saliva examination. This method of express analysis of saliva is expected to improve and speed up diagnostics process.

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