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Optimization of Capacity Management of Radiation of Mobile Station on Cellular Networks Code-Division Channels


D.G. Sakalema

Important element of the modern systems of mobile communication (SMC) code-division channels is power control of a signal by emitted mobile station (MS) depending on propagation conditions of a signal and from a location of the user in a network concerning basic station (BS). Emissive power adaptation allows to raise service quality, to optimize throughput of system, to prolong life duration of the accumulator plant of mobile station. The capacity control diagram can be centralized or arranged. At centralized control the information on each active user should be known, using which system carries out control of capacity of all users of system. The stated allows drawing an output on an urgency of researches in this area, and consequently about urgency presented article. In article it is shown that distributed control of capacity of systems of mobile communication on the basis of the relation a signal is optimal – the signal- noise allows to control emitting power of a signal of mobile station depending on territorial position of the user rather BS that leads to reduction of the interference level, imported by mobile stations, in a network. It is shown that if the user is on certain distance from BS, MS provides an optimum level of a signal for support of a demanded communication quality. It is shown that the main lack of control of capacity of SMC on the basis of the signal-noise consists in the strong influence of exterior noise and noises (especially anomalous) on link quality of control. It is necessary to consider as the main result of the author a new management method of capacity with usage of two-channel filter Kalmana for a filtration of the anomalous noises imported by basic station in the measurement channel.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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