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Inter-Level Interaction in Control Systems


O.O. Martynov

Implementing and expanding application of the automated control systems practically in all spheres of socio-economic activity of a society leads to complication of structures of their construction. In this building automation systems selectively allocated substantial connection between the elements and levels of hierarchy, and elements of the system should mutual perform their functions in the solution of global problems of management. Sometimes in real multi-level automated systems created such a complicated logical structure of the chain of command, that one and the same active element can be directly subordinated to as a subsystem of the intermediate level, and the subsystem of upper level, or at the same time several sections of the intermediate level, etc. One such possible violations of the hierarchical structure is a double-interlevel subordination, when one element or intermediate center is subordinated at the same time two or more managing subsystems at different levels of the hierarchy. In this case a violation of the principle of undivided authority does not always have only negative effects and should be studied in the framework of the model of multi-level automated control systems.

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