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Modification of Postembrional Development of Drosophila Melanogaster Using Corner-Cube Reflector Optical System


A. B. Burlakov, A. S. Burzev, G. V. Chernova, Y. S. Kapranov, G. E. Kufal, I. V. Matjukhin, S. V. Perminov, I. M. Pershin

Still in the mid-twenties last century A.G.Gurvich has proved that between various live objects exist long range interaction caused by presence of own electromagnetic radiation. On intensity electromagnetic radiation of biological objects carry to ”super weak” radiations, but sensitivity of live organisms to the slightest changes of parameters of these super weak radiations is so great that the most insignificant distortions undergone by these radiations, can lead to essential changes in development of biological objects. We consider necessary to remind of the important role of correction of own electromagnetic fields of biological objects. In works 2005-2010, we made experiments on correction of development of embryos loach, Misgurnus fossilis. Experiments were put with use laser corner-cube reflectors (CCR) as correcting an element. At level of several morphological and population signs effects direct long-range interaction of uneven-age individuals Drosophila melanogaster are revealed. Possibility of change of parameters postembrional developments of uneven-age groups Drosophila melanogaster by means of laser corner-cube reflectors (CCR) is shown. In work the scheme of experimental installation and physical parameters a correcting element (CCR) is resulted. Development of individuals is accelerated and the differentiation on stages in comparison with the control increases. The number increases is abnormal developing individuals. The anomalies of development specific to certain combinations of optical interaction of uneven-age groups of drosophilas are described. The model showing the mechanism of occurrence of anomalies of development of drosophilas at long-range interaction of uneven-age groups through CCR is offered.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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