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Modelling of Interaction Electromagnetic Signal with the Oscillatory Neural Network on the Base of Applying of the Frequency Spectra Vibrations of Live Neurons


V. G. Spitsyn

Here is considered the interaction of an electromagnetic signal with a system of chaotic point oscillators representing the oscillatory neural network. It is suggested that the oscillators randomly distributed in a spherical region. Signal is propagated from the center of the sphere, where is disposed the central oscillator. In paper is developed a stochastic model of the transformation of various forms of the frequency spectra of signal and oscillators in the interaction process. Implemented of computer experiments for modelling of interaction of electromagnetic signal with the oscillators, the frequency spectra of vibrations which corresponded to the frequency spectra of vibrations of live neurons of the lobster. The results of the calculations shows the establishing a regime of synchronization of oscillatory neural network and an electromagnetic signal.

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