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On-board computer systems testing features in real-time operating system QNX


K. A. Feoktistov

On-board computer (OBC) is based on a standardized on-board digital computers connected between a high-speed data channel, and an on-board local area network (OBLAN). Tests carried out by BCI test software (TS). TS runs on real time operating system QNX. TS is designed to monitor the proper functioning of OBLAN at all stages of the life cycle (manufacturing and commissioning, acceptance tests, determination of readiness, maintenance, preflight preparation and real-time). Methods of testing include autonomous testing, integrated testing of all on-board computer system, tested in real time. The completeness of each test depends on the stage of testing. In manufacturing, diagnostics and maintenance scan must be full. When OBLAN works, scan must include a minimum tests. TS provides a flexible test environment that allows to implement different modes of testing, it is easy to change the composition of the tests depending on the mode of testing, to create different test groups. Opportunity to carry out independent and comprehensive testing of the onboard computer system, as with or without human intervention. The testing process is recorded in files on disk, which together constitute a database that records the test results. TS has got a friendly user interface for the operator who has the ability to manage the testing process, and a ways of recording information of the testing process.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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