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Pulse response computing algorithm with statistics analysis for the analog signals input interfaces


V. V. Shvets

It is known, that analogue-to-digital converters (ADC) are widely distributed in the analogue input interfaces in computers. The discrete images of analog signals are taking with ADC. At last time efficiency of solving of many applied tasks depends globally from prescience and performance of computers, and in particularly from work of the analog input interfaces. Quality and reliability of the analog input interfaces are defined by the set of the specific parameters that include the pulse response, which are very impotent. The pulse response describes the form signal distortion of the fast varying signals on the output of the analog input interfaces. There are parameters: rice time, falling time, setting time to prescribed accuracy, ring magnitude, vertex slope, that determine the pulse form distortion. The duty time, the period and the base shifting are determined the pulses two. The oscilloscope method is the traditional method of the pulse response measurement. In this case, the pulse response is measured by the markers on the oscilloscope on the computer monitor. This routine, handmade work may include «human factor». In addition, the digital oscilloscopia has limited accuracy. The way to the resolve this problems is automation that elim-inates the handmade work necessary, and makes measurements more exactly. One is the using of the statistic method of the pulse response measurement. The statistic analyzes algorithm for the pulse response defining of the analogue input interface is founded on the calculating with using histogram of the ADC acquired samples. The algorithm superiority is in simplicity. The minimum operation quantity supposes high-speed execution of the program assembled on this algorithm that eliminates handmade work and «human factor». The calculation exaction depends from the number of samples. To reach the better exaction then oscilloscope method it is enough to accumulate the number of testing pulses more then 2k, where k is a number of bits of ADC. Thereby, it is possibly to optimize performance and accuracy of the pulse response testing of the analogue input interfaces by the described statistic analyzes algorithm.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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