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Integrated Estimation of external factors of influence on a young people functional state


А. A. Kuznetsov

According to 433 twenty-minute electrocardiograms registrations by Holter monitor it is carried out parametrical and entropy analysis of a heart rhythm diagrams of conditionally healthy 72 young students. On the basis of an entropy analysis method criteria of an estimation of an organism functional state are offered on the basis of influence of a heart rhythm mechanisms regulation. An organism functional state of the person is offered to estimate in size of surplus of entropy production of a heart rhythm diagram (HRD). The concept of a virtual heart rhythm is considered in the form of a limiting mode of a real rhythm. It is shown, that the deviation of real HRD informational entropy values from appropriate virtual HRD values means growth of adaptation mechanisms intensity at strengthening of intensity of a heart rhythm regulation and management processes. Overlapping «scale informational entropy» with a functional state scale of «Svetofor» system has allowed spending a quantitative estimation of an organism functional state. Settlement and graphic formats of the analysis informational entropy are offered and authentic functional communications with key parameters of the heart rhythm variability theory are shown. Efficiency of criteria is checked up according to subjective criteria and the mental test results.
May 29, 2020

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