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Aspects of using of ferroelectric materials for microwave devices


Yu.V. Gulyaev, A.S. Bugaev, A.Yu. Mityagin, G.V. Chucheva, M.S. Afanasev

The article is devoted to the advantages of ferroelectric films materials for application in microwave devices. It is shown that in films of Ва0,8Sr0,2TiO3 composition the dielectric constant varies more than 3 times with an applied control voltage from 0 to 20 V. It was found that in the temperature from –50 to +250 °С the dielectric constant of ferroelectric films Ва0,8Sr0,2TiO3 composition changes less than 5%. It is noted that new technologies is direct to the improving the structure and the composition of films and will provide the farther reduce of the dependence of the dielectric constant on the temperature while maintaining or strengthening its dependence on the voltage as well as farther the reduction of tg. It is established that the methods of laser and reactive ion-plasma sputtering of a stoichiometric target in the oxygen are the best methods of deposition ferroelectric films. The different designs of microwave devices using ferroelectrics materials are presented in the article. It is assumed that ferroelectrics must win own place as the basis for phase shifters in microwave technology. These phase shifters can be used in a wide range of capacity level values, they can provide the high-speed performance with the low energy consumption of control circuits.

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