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Multislot Excitation System of Electromagnetic Field in Microwave Cavity-Type Settings


V. A. Kolomejcev, A. E. Semenov

This article investigates the electrodynamic and thermal properties of distributed systems of electromagnetic field (EMF) excitation in the cavity of the working chamber partially filled with a microwave dielectric material. Studies are conducted on the basis of the proposed in this paper approach of a numerical-analytical solution of the inhomogeneous internal boundary problem of electrodynamics and thermal conductivity. The approach is analytical method for solving inhomogeneous waveguide Helmholtz equations for the vectors of electric and magnetic fields and the heat equation – parameters variation method, based on the representation of solutions of the internal boundary problem of electrodynamics and thermal conductivity (IBPETC) through the own orthonormal functions, with eigenvalues and orthonormal functions defined on the basis of numerical solution of the inhomogeneous IBPETC. The numerical solution of this problem is based on the method of finite volume elements using the Galerkin principle and weighted residuals, as well as the method of finite differences using three-dimensional fast Fourier transformation. In the solution of the inhomogeneous IBPETC, the method of partial regions and the polarization principle of duality have also been used. Past work showed that the multislot excitation system of EMF field as a system with large degrees of freedom have greater potential in achiev-ing higher levels of absorbed power (efficiency of plant) in the amount of the material and better uniformity of heating in a microwave cavity-type plants, rather than the current system used excitation through a dielectric "window of communication." In addition, using data of multislot systems, a control of microwave power flow in the working chamber can be implemented by switching p-i-n diodes, which is a necessary condition for the crea-tion of a new generation of microwave ovens.
May 29, 2020

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