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Control of thermal sources in the near zone of coaxial monopole antenna for microwave hyperthermia of biological tissues


V. V. Komarov, I. I. Novruzov

Such technologies as microwave hyperthermia and ablation find wide practical application in modern medicine for thermal therapy of tumor. Exposure of pathological organ by microwave energy can be successfully carried out using coaxial antennas with operating frequency 2.45 GHz. One of these devices – monopole type antenna with ceramic tip is considered in present study. Coupled electromagnetic and thermal fields in the near zone are simulated with the help of 2D axial-symmetrical model on the finite element method. Two possible cases of biological tissues physical properties changing by means of biocompatible liquids (plant oil and salt solver) are considered. It is shown that increasing of biotissue loss factor leads to not only the intensification of heating process but to the extension of coagulation zone. Obtained theoretical results can be useful in further studies of described medicine technologies.

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