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Magneto-Therapeutic Device for Malignant Tumors Exposure


E.D. Uskov, K.O. Hohlov, A.P. Volobuyev, N.F. Shkola, A.Y. Derstuganov

A version of magneto therapeutic device (MTD) used for grow inhibition and destruction of malignant tumors is intro-duced in the current paper. The MTD has Helmholtz-like coils and generates high-intensity (up to 100 mT) infra-low frequency pulses, adjustable in amplitude and filling factor, with the steep leading edge of the magnetic field (MF) induction rise with pulsation frequencies of (50÷100) Hz The development of a power circuit, a control system and a device software has been particularly considered in the process of the device setting. The introduced MTD includes: a MF generator, a power unit, a measuring system, a device control card with firmware, and a personal computer with the control software and additional applications. The power unit, enabling to generate square-wave voltage pulses in inductive elements using the control card-operated thyristors in the rectification circuit, has been engineered for experimentation. The control card has been developed on the AT91SAM7S256 microcontroller basis; the personal computer performs only directive control functions. The control card firmware processes signals received from the computer. Data exchange protocol between the personal computer and the control card functions as follows: all MTD operation parameters are transferred in three-byte mode. The control software enabling the end-user to operate the device interacts with additional modules by transmitting current operation parameters into a file. There is provided an application suite for exposure result analysis, which comprises the MF pattern calculation, Fourier transform and the patient electronic card. The control software operates in-dependently of additional applications thus increasing the operation stability of the entire MTD software. The measuring system, based on the TDS2002 digital storage oscilloscope with the TDS2МEМ memory card, the MF probe and the clamp-on ammeter derived from the Hall probe, is used for the measurement of time characteristics and induced MF of the coil block current. The MTD approval has been carried out based on the representative sample of animals with spontaneous mammary gland malignant tumor. Optimal parameters and exposure conditions indicated in the current paper has been implemented during the research. The proposed local exposure conditions reliably result in the medicinal pathomorphism of II-III intensity rate without significant changes in unaffected tissues. Selectivity and morphological irreversibility of the exposure effect on oncological cells using set characteristics compared to the similar unaffected cells has been determined. As a result, the exposure method patent has been acquired.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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