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The Mathematical Description of a 3D-Magnetic Field with Reference to Physiotherapy


N.S. Kharlamova

Article purpose is the mathematical description of a 3D-magnetic field through integrative biotropic parameter, hodograph a vector of a magnetic induction, namely, through its spatial both time characteristics and its task by means of three parametrical equations, and also through delimitation of area of influence. It is offered to define borders of area of influence of the 3D-former of a magnetic field under the formulas considering threshold values of the module of a vector of a magnetic induction. The received information can be used at calculation such biotropic parameter, as energy of a magnetic field. In article it is offered all kinds hodograph (a point, a straight line and a curve) to set in three-dimensional space of coordinates of a vector of a magnetic induction, using three parametrical equations. Necessary conditions of formation hodograph in the form of flat and volume spatial curves are formulated. Each kind hodograph contacts regularity of a magnetic field. For the mathematical description integrative biotropic parameter two basic groups of characteristics are allocated: spatial and time-frequency. Some of the offered characteristics can be used for the description of the difficult spatial and time law of change 3D-magnetotherapy influences. Advantage of the offered way of the description of a magnetic field is that hodograph a vector of a magnetic induction bears the information at once about several important biotropic parameters of a 3D-magnetic field, such as heterogeneity and the form in time, intensity, a direction in space, frequency.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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