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Interaction Photoraised Oxifenil Radicals with Ions of Cobalt and Iron


V.I. Porhun, V.A. Navrotskii, L.N. Rygalov

In the present work it was investigated by a method pulse photolysis kinetics destructions p-oxiphenil a radical in presence and absence acetilacetate of cobalt (асас) 2 in not polar environment. Pulse pho-toexcitation in toluene, benzene leads to occurrence of absorption caused not stable products. Formation of a complex between о-metilfenoxe a radical and acetilacetate cobalt, and also pair- metilfenoxe a radical in not polar organic environment is established. In a basis of the considered phenomena elementary processes of interaction of metalloorganic connections with various radicals. The detailed mechanism of such interaction remains not clear. It is shown, that Cob (асас)2 possesses dual reactionary ability in reactions a liquid phase oxidations cumole. At enough high concentration (acac) 2 (10-3) reaction of formation of a complex can be cardinal reaction of destruction oxiphenil radicals. Thus the factor of breakage of circuits decreases approximately twice. To investigate a liquid phase oxidation cumole at presence about-creazol and Cob (асас)2 also is shown, that the complex oxiphenil a radical with chelut plays a part in this process and influences size of the period of an induction.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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