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Transfusion Service in Multiple-Discipline Treatment-and-Prophylactic Establishment


A.G. Gudkov, V.M. Gorodetzky, M.I. Lazarenko, V.Y. Leushin, A.V. Chechetkin

Introduction in daily activity of a multiple-discipline hospital of offered functional structures of transfusion service will allow to introduce services and is to use full complex of the necessary modern systems providing higher level of transfusion therapy. Main of them: systems of immunological, biological, infectious safety; system of rational clinical use of blood and its components, the quality monitoring system in transfusion; system of alternative methods of use haemotransfusion environments - introduction of the techniques directed on minimisation of use of haemocomponents in treatment-and-prophylactic establishments (autotransfusion, refusion, modern blood substitutes), system of constant monitoring of situations in a mode of real time. Introduction in work TPE transfusion services also is a component of active application in Russia health protection of control systems of quality of medical aid, certification of services and experts, standardization of medical-diagnostic processes. Transfusion service MTPE, constantly co-operates with other clinical and paraclinical divisions. This interaction is difficult enough and many-sided and consequently demands detailed consideration and the analysis. Definition of structural divisions with which transfusion service MTPE is obliged to co-operate , and also ways of interaction and character of communications between them has allowed to order its activity, promoted the interaction optimization, finally improving efficiency of its work.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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