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Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Fields Application for Monotony State Improvement


N.N. Lebedeva, A.V. Vekhov, E.D. Smirnova

Modern people are involved in management of various systems every day, so our work has monotony nature frequently. The attention deterioration, decrease in vigilance, ingenuity are monotony state demonstration. All this fac-tors have an influence on the quality of operator work, so the actual problem of modern psychophysiology is to study a monotony state and correction methods. It is known that electromagnetic therapy, which is made good use in many Russian clinics, is capable to improve a person health state. That’s why we decided to use low-intensity electromagnetic field (EMF) for monotony state improvement. It was conduct 30 experiments with 10 volunteers: 5 men and 5 women. There were three experiments with each volunteer: Background, Placebo and Exposure. To correct monotony state we used special electromagnetic device (10 kH with multiple modulation by EEG-signals, Russian medical certification (licence) for the tiredness reduction. This device was turned on at Exposure experiment only. To provide volunteers weariness in monotonous conditions there was used the driver simulator work during 90 min in our experiments. To estimate the volunteer functional state we conduct EEG-recording with eyes closed and eyes opened before, after and during driver simulator work, ECG-recording and complicated visual-motor test before and after driver simulator work. We compare «before» and «after» results by such nonparametric statistical methods as Wilcoxon test. The EEG-recording has been processed by spectrum analysis. The pulse rate, RR-intervals standard deviation, the exertion index of cardiovascular system and the response time, response time standard deviation, maximum and minimum response time of visual-motor test were analyzed. The results of EEG analysis showed the alpha-rhythm reduction and the lower theta-rhythm increase in Background and Placebo and the alpha-rhythm increase and the theta-rhythm reduction at Exposure. Alpha rhythm depression in the eyes opened state before working is higher then after working in Background and lower in Exposure. This indicator has revealed specific features of volunteers. These specific features of alpha-rhythm dynamics were observed during driver simulator work. Other characteristics have testified to men and women have different ways to undergo monotony state: men cardiovascular system endures greater stress than women’s in time of monotonic activity. Complicated visual-motor test has shown that women’s motor reaction became worse after working on driving simulator, but man’s reaction remained unchanged. But Exposure experiment has given the demonstration of functional state improvement for both at men and at women. Thus the multiple-modulated EMF-exposure has significantly improved the monotony state of volunteers.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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