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Estimation of R-peak Selection Performance by Signal Duplicating Method


R.V. Isakov, E.V. Sorokin, L.T. Sushkova

The heart beat (HB) is one of the main parameters of an estimation of a functional condition of the person health. There are various methods of heart beat measurement, which choice depends on the purpose of medical-biologic research. 2- channel HB registration of 24-hour monitoring allows decrease noises influence from motorial, respiratory, high frequency, impulse and others noise sources. The overall performance of R-peak allocation system by duplication signal method in different noise conditions can be estimated by means of probability of true detection, a false alarm and the purpose admission. Experimental researches (8 tests) efficiency of allocation of R-peak in various conditions are spent: normal and at influence of various noises. The possible variant of the block diagramme of duplication signal method realization and also modelling results of R-peak selection by duplication signal method and a double differentiation method in system Matlab is presented. On the basis of the comparative analysis of R-peak selection it is shown, that in all test modes the duplication signal method is more effective, than a double differentiation method.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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