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Working Out of Auxiliary Means of Definition of a Physiological Status Biological Objects


V.A. Antipov, V.V. Tretjakova

Necessity of intervention of the person for physiology of reproduction of agricultural animals is caused by problems of planning of their cultivation in large industrial complexes. Artificial insemination − the major component of reproductive biotechnics. Distinctions in potential and real reproductive efficiency of females testify, first of all, in insufficiently exact definition of optimum terms of carrying out of artificial insemination. It is connected with unauthenticity of revealing of the beginning of hunting of animals. Correct definition of arrival to hunting by the subjective analysis of external signs accompanying it is complicated because of their frequent illegibility at the group maintenance of animals. Use of the male-sampler for hunting definition is rather exact and reliable method. However necessity to carry out research some times in day at the big number of animals demands considerable labour input, the big expenses of time and creates serious economic problems. The way of objective measurements of a status of females is represented to the most perspective. The majority of known methods and means of operative definition phases ovulation of a sexual cycle of agricultural animals is based on measurement of electrophysical parametres of biofabrics. Electrophysical methods of operative definition of a phase ovulation a sexual cycle of agricultural animals are based on electric current course in the Wednesday which parametres depend on this phase. As informative parametre equivalent ohmic resistance of a mucous membrane of internal genitals, inversely proportional concentration of ions of sodium more often is used. At the same time a variety of results of experiments and ambiguity of their treatments do not allow to receive accurate representation about character of environment in which measurements are spent. Therefore at creation of the device for definition ovulation the decision of a problem of identification of object of measurement is necessary. Reaction of object of measurement - a mucous membrane of a wall of a vagina of a sow with the liquid environment adjoining to it was experimentally investigated. By results of experiment the conclusion that in more informative parametre is as has the big difference of values in hunting and in rest in comparison with at a high probability of coincidence to the standard is drawn.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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