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Specific Features of the Hardware, Based on the Method of Visualization of the Retina for the Early Detection of Glaucoma


R.V. Kostin, M.V. Lenkov

One of the most widespread pathologies of the visual analyzer of the person is the glaucoma is the chronic disease of eyes leading to irreversible loss of visual functions. However the latent forms of development of a glaucoma complicate search of effective methods and techniques of revealing of the given pathology. The analysis of the pathological infringements arising at a glaucoma, shows that the given disease becomes the reason of occurrence of some others which are accompanied by increase of intraocular pressure, mode change recirculation an intraocular liquid, and also an optic nerve atrophy. Along with diagnostics of the given infringements, one of decisions of nerve fiber layer of retina and optic nerve head, as most effective indicators for the detection of glaucoma. In modern medicine, to study nerve fiber layer of retina and optic nerve head isolated by structural and topographic analysis. These methods allow us to obtain and record lifetime images in digital format of the above structures of the visual analyzer of man.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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