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The Realization of Bioadequate 3D-Magnetotherapy


E.M. Proshin, N.S. Kharlamova

The purpose of this article is the description of the approach to the formation of 3D magnetic field vector of a magnetic induction of which varies in magnitude and a direction in space and time, as well as ways of its mathematical description and control of its parameters. It describes the principle of formation of a magnetic field with a trajectory of movement of the magnetic induction in a given local area in space 3D-former, namely creation of static and dynamic fields not only in the plane, but also in volume. The article formulates the necessary condition of forming of 3D magnetic field and the basic principles of the realization of 3D-magnetotherapy. For descriptions of the trajectory of the vector of magnetic induction in the space and time it is proposed to use the concept of hodograph. There are three main groups hodograph, which you can configure in the local area of influence: point, line and curve. Mathematical description of the plot allows to characterize changes of the magnetic field in space and time, and most importantly, changes in the direction of the vector in the space. The possibilities of 3D- magnetotherapy for the implementation of bioadequate influence on the example of formation of a magnetic field, the impulse which plays volume electrocardiographic signal. Setting different parameters of hodograph in the form of the vector loop (position in space, the phase shift relative to the cardiac cycle), it is possible to carry out correction of various pathologies of the conducting system of the heart, violations of the heart, for example, a hypertrophy of one of the departments of the heart, the blockade leg of a ventriculonector, etc. The use of the proposed approach will allow to form fields with hodographs vector of magnetic induction is not only the mathematical laws, but also with hodographs, which reproduce the laws of functioning of systems and organs of a living organism.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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