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Method of Driving Sequence Configurations Forming for Multichannel Therapeutic Systems


A.G. Borisov, V.I. Julev, M.B. Kaplan, A.V. Shulyakov

Devices of complex physiotherapy are used for treatment the organism systems in whole. High functionality and wide influence area are caused by availability of multichannel distributed structure of generation thera-peutic factor, that takes defined spatio-temporal distribution because of developed control system. At designing of similar devices the problem of formation of set of operating signals for system of generation of therapeutic influence solves. There are approaches of formation of signals for cumulative management of the influencing factor of multichannel therapeutic devices possess a number of lacks, such as a rigid binding of the final converter to the concrete channel, and also the fixed duration of time intervals of influence for all channels. Offered way formation of configurations of operating sequences it is based on application of two types of code sequences: signal code sequence and channel code sequence. The way is allowed to raise flexibility of a control system of therapeutic influence, effectively to organize a technique of physiotherapeutic influence. By means of signal code sequence law of change of the influencing therapeutic factor for some channel block (the virtual channel) is described. The channel code sequence is set for each hardware channel and defines a number of time intervals during each of which work of the hardware channel is defined to rules of functioning of the corresponding channel block The way formation of a concrete configuration of the managing sequences for the hardware channel of multichannel devices consists in a choice for a present situation of time from signaal code sequence of a vector of parameters of the influencing therapeutic factor. The index of a vector of parameters is defined under number of the channel block of time set for a present situation. Possibilities of a way consider a periodic operating mode of therapeutic systems. The quantity of virtual channels can be more, it is less or equally quantities of hardware channels. The parity between number and duration of time
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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