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Magnetotherapeutic Array in Complex Chronomagnetotherapy


S.G. Gurzhin, V.I. Zhulev, E.M. Proshin, V.M. Sahibgareev

The paper deals with some characteristics of the creating and application of the magnitotherapeutic array (MTA) in complex magnetotherapy and chronomagnetotherapy. The paper provides information on spatial organization of the MTA modules with orders to their most optimal number and efficient structure. In addition the possibility of pseudochannel organization in array modules has been formulated. Along with the systemic magnetotherapeutic intervention on a patient by magnetic fields (traveling, diverging, rotating and others), it makes possible to work out special-purpose methods of action on a certain organ or part of the system. Alongside with spatial organization of the array modules the paper is concerned with organization of the interface system for module interaction as well as addressing system which allow as a whole to settle an access both to a certain module and to a group of modules forming a pseudo channel. It gives much attention to encoding and representing of varied types of magnetic field dynamics in module memory. The metric of characteristics which can be provided with allowance for accuracy and the required memory capacity has been calculated. Finally we consider a question, relating to the array adaptation and its therapeutic modality correction, and state characteristics of such adaptation for the systemic action and MTA space organization taking into account the limi
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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