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Modelling and Designing of Process Diazotization with Usage of Object Representation of Data Domain


A.V. Maystrenko, N.V. Maystrenko, I.L. Volshak, O.I. Yerokhin

In program engineering there are two basic approaches to software development, the basic distinction between which is caused by different methods of decomposition of systems: the structural approach and the object-oriented approach. Experience in developing program complexes of modeling of scheme of chemical-technology (SCT) has revealed priority of object-oriented technologies for the set class of systems. In this case the purpose of the analysis and information system designing is creation of its steady architecture, development of the detailed project on the basis of available requirements and adaptation of the project to the implementation environment. The approach, accepted in the object-oriented analysis and designing, conducts to combination of systems analysis and process of logic design and, in consequence of their application during the whole life cycle of the development, allows to overcome trace problems between system models. The first stage of an information system for difficult SCT designing is creation of the model concept o — the basis of the general understanding of motives of creation and higher-level determination of the created system. The model concept describes technological process at high level of abstraction; it presents all essential aspects SCT from the various points of view. At a following development stage the domain model is formed as the class diagram without instructions of attributes of operations and frequency rate of associations (communications) which is the first chart of static model SCT. The classes revealed and reflected in a domain model are used in the course of the further development at modeling and determination of internal classes of system during the analysis and designing. Along with data domain modeling a model of activity of system which allows to detail singularities of algorithmic and logical implementation of operations executable by system is created. In activity model it is very important to consider all system operations as program structure that supports demanded behavior is built on this basis. Final stage of modeling of system is creation of model of a database which reflects interaction of the tables entering into a database, and also contains the detailed description of attributes of operations and communications between these tables. Necessary calculations of parameters of elements state in design model SCT taking into account arriving corrective actions and changing factors of an external environment are provided with the algorithms implementing mathematical descriptions of separate chemical-technology processes from which process production process azopigment is added as a whole. The majority of mathematical descriptions represent difficult enough systems of the mathematical equations owing to complexity of implementable chemical-technology processes. As an example of designing of an information system for difficult SCT technological process of synthesis azopigments and one of stages of this synthesis – diazotization almost insoluble amines, carried out in the multisection device is considered. For process diazotization in the multisection reactor the output of the equations mathematical models and results of research of output quality characteristics of process diazotization from temperature is resulted.
May 29, 2020

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