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System for Monitoring Performance of Quality of Electronic Equipment Bimetallic Materials


S.P. Moskvitin, A.P. Pudovkin

Bimetal, the metal material consisting of two layers of diverse metals or alloys (for example, a steel and aluminum, a steel and niobium, aluminum and the titan, the titan and molybdenum, etc.) also apply to increase of durability and heat resistance of designs, decrease in their weight for the purpose of economy of expensive and scarce metals or as a material with special properties. For example, in electro- and radio engineering bimetal distribution is caused by that the alternating current density falls from conductor periphery to its middle, therefore sometimes expediently surface of a wire from cheaper material (a steel, aluminum) to cover with a good conductor (copper, silver). The basic characteristics of quality of bimetal are its thickness, a parity of thickness of layers its component and durability of their connection. For the decision of the problem connected with continuous control of these characteristics, the monitoring system of durability of connection of layers of bimetal in the course of its manufacture is developed. The information-measuring system (ИИС) unites in itself set of means for conducting control of geometrical parameters of preparations after their processing and preparation to плакированию, and control of durability of connection of layers and a parity of their thickness after joint cold rolling rinks, and as speeds of movement of a strip before and after rolling rinks. The spent experimental researches of channels prove their applicability in the given measuring system. Application of the considered control devices provides measurements with accuracy demanded on technology in the given conditions of production.

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