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Management Information System Matching Devices Ring Phased Antennas Arras Decameter Range


A.A. Shilov, O.A.Belousov, N.A. Koltyukov

The current stage of development is characterized by short-wave communications improvement of its facilities, to which should be to achieve the maximum degree of automation and adaptation to the changing characteristics of the communication channels. Automatic control of radio receivers required the development of automated and transmitting the centers that will improve the reliability of connection and reduce time of preparation of the equipment to work, make the system more economical, especially in long-term no-load operation and in standby mode. The main requirement at present for HF radio systems and whose importance will grow in the future when they are developing and improving  is a work in adaptive mode in complete uncertainty. Moreover, all processes that adapt to the complex transceiver constantly changing external influences must be fully automated. To obtain the specified characteristics of the radiation pattern formed by the phased array decameter range, as well as harmonization of related emitters belong to it there is a need to develop appropriate management information systems management. Such systems must respond to changing state of the surface of the earth, the installation inaccuracy or failure of the radiator, the antenna surrounding objects, weather conditions, etc. Considered information control system (ICS) allows real-time control of phased arrays and solve a wide range of tasks to ensure reliable communications in the HF band. The advantage of this system is that it combines elements of artificial intelligence such as: Neural network algorithms with the ability to study; Fuzzy logic algorithms, which are effective in control sites; Condition-expert system. The above properties allow it to information control system to adapt easily to different ranges of communication systems with remote control that allows you to fully automate the communications center and make it low maintenance.

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