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Potential Characteristics of Radars Operating with Digital Television Transmitter


P.G. Semashko, N.G. Parhomenko, A. E. Okhrimenko

Semi active radar systems with accessory illumination operate on commercial transmitter radiation scattered by a target and belong to cluster radar systems. Their prime advantage is based on the fact that there is no |transmitter of their own. Thus a complete radar stealth is achieved, there is no need to provide an additional radio frequency, no harmful impact upon the environment and human beings is made. Also this kind of radars produce no cross-talk, are cheaper in production and operation than the active systems. Cluster layout aids in stealth aircraft detection, because their bistatic scattering cross-section is higher than backscattering. In the paper target resolution on distance, radial velocity, azimuth and elevation in bistatic and cluster semi active radars based on digital TV transmitter illumination are estimated. Target detection capability of such radars is also estimated taking into account ambiguity function of illumination signal as well as presence of direct path interference and background returns. It is shown that using the digital television and radio signal as the illumination signal allows target detecting with high resolution on distance, radial velocity, azimuth and elevation. Distance resolution is 20 to 50 meters in the whole scanned area. Radial velocity resolution is limited only by technical parameters of the equipment, heterodyne stability and the received signal processing speed.

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