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Problems of remote monitoring facilities system development for state objects and territory in interests of various agencies


V. S. Verba

The development of various state economy branches and territories, nature management, environmental control and population life safety improvement including the growth of technogenic and natural character accidents require to produce new and modernize the current state objects and territory remote monitoring systems. At present, various national and agency monitoring systems are in operation and developed in Russian Federation. A monitoring system is independently built on by each agency separately based on the requirements needed in certain task solutions and the available list of monitoring facilities. As a rule, the Earth space remote sensing facilities are a key data element of the national and agency remote monitoring systems being developed in the last decade. Nevertheless having some undeniable advantages, the space monitoring facilities cannot fully meet the current requirements in information giving up in operability and details to monitoring facilities located on airborne carriers. It is necessary to integrate various monitoring facilities to achieve the required performances of remote monitoring systems in territory coverage, operability, accuracy and reliability of the obtained data. The basis of remote monitoring systems shall be formed by domestic space- and airborne remote monitoring facilities including those located on airborne carriers, aeronautic equipment and different flight range UAVs. The system functioning should be provided by communication, data transmission, control and navigation facilities. The development of monitoring facilities system with their correlated performances that allow meeting the requirements of various agencies to solve certain monitoring tasks, to create new national monitoring systems and improve the current ones, is the complicated scientific-technical problem. The article describes the essence of this problem, highlights the ways to solve it, shows the possibility of various facilities integral application using the product samples of JSC «Corporation «Vega». Further theoretical problem study can be based on the development of full-scale multipurpose monitoring objects and facilities models. Such models availability will make it possible to evaluate the expected monitoring systems efficiency, to perform their feasibility study characteristics, and while operating the developed systems, to plan their application and predict the monitoring object behavior.

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