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Helicopter Radar Systems


A. I. Artem’yev, A. I. Kanaschenkov, V. I. Merkulov, O. F. Samarin, V. S., Chernov

Critical information system to be installed on helicopters is a radar system. Virtually all known helicopter radars are multifunctional and have multiple modes of operation: mapping, selection (detection, tracking and display)of ground moving targets, height measurement, low-altitude flight, airspace surveilance, weather assessment, navigation parameters assessment. Promising areas for improvement of helicopter radar include a significant expansion of their functional capabilities to achieve a high level of information, improving the intellectual quality and degree of automation, integration with other avionics helicopters, operation in the multiposition radar systems and defense systems of aircraft, a radical increase in the role of digital processing information. The versatility allows you to expand the range of problems whose solution previously could only be realized if the simultaneous availability of multiple radar on board the helicopter. High information capacity means the ability to generate detailed radar images of observed objects and produce a variety of information needed to deal with the entire set of functional tasks and multiple modes of operation of the radar. High information capabilities are based on the ability of radar to change the form and parameters of probing signals, implement a number of different modes, advanced algorithms for digital information processing and artificial intelligence methods. Intellectual qualities of perspective radar will enable them to solve problems in which no clear formal rules of information processing, and trained in the operation, which is a new scientific and technical direction in radar systems engineering, the results of which form the basis for dramatically improving the application of helicopters. Decisive role in ensuring high informative radar and make it high intellectual qualities belongs to the system for processing and shaping of signals. The implementation of the above ways to improve radar technology will allow for the technological breakthrough in the creation of highly gelicopter radar with radically improved tactical and technical performance.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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