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The scattering pattern of spatially-polarizing selective structures as cylinder with star contour


Y.D. Bezuglov, E.D Bezuglov, V.V. Voronin

Necessity of maintenance of reception and processing of signals in difficult conditions of multibeam distribution and presence of signal interference define practical and theoretical interest to workings out of antennas with specials characteristics. These antennas have to provide formation of low level sidelobe patterns in direction of interference signals and the main maxima in a direction of useful signals. Antenna arrays are one of possible variants of treatment of the antennas realizing given patterns. The considerable contribution in antenna array pattern is brought by a bearing design. Thus such construction can carry out functions on formation of pattern with demanded features. The perfectly conducting screen which has stars contour cross-section is one of the types of bearing design. These constructions allow to operate scattering of electromagnetic fields and accordingly pattern of radiators. Working out of such antenna array and corresponding bearing design as any multichannel system, can be executed only with use of methods and synthesis algorithms. A basis of the specified algorithms is the solution of a problem of scattering of a plane wave on this stars contour cross-section cylinder. The investigations of interrelation of geometrical parameters of bearing design with features of scattering pattern is carried out in the paper. The explanation of the arising physical effects connected with features of propagation of various polarized waves in deepening’s, formed to this contour. The fulfilled analysis of the received results shows that geometrical parameters of contour make essential impact on distribution of scattering pattern and, as consequence, on pattern of radiators. Changing the form of deepening and its parameters allows to change the form of the pattern of scattering and pattern of radiation. It gives the possibility to provide constructive synthesis of parameters of antenna arrays and the screens providing reception and processing of signals in the conditions of multibeam distribution of radiowaves.

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