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Method for estimating of realizable parameters of a preassigned radiation pattern in the antennas sinthesis problems


D.D. Gabrielyan, E.N. Mishchenko, S.E. Mishchenko, I.S. Savchenko, Sherstobitov A.I.

The problem of assessing the realizability requirements to antenna radiation pattern is one of the key issues in the theory of synthesis of antennas. Applied to antenna arrays of arbitrary geometry, the corresponding analysis can be done only approximately. The proposed method provides estimates for the parameters of a preassigned radiation pattern, defined as a function of these parameters leading to the smallest deviation between the desired and the synthesized radiation pattern. The method is based on the fact that a solution to the synthesis of antennas on a preassigned realizable radiation pattern is invariant to the choice of method. This allowed us to use the analytical method of amplitude-phase synthesis of antenna array for the formation of the objective function, which depends on the parameters of a preassigned radiation pattern, and solve the optimization problem, using the known gradient method. In the numerical studies evaluated the optimal set of parameters cosecans radiation pattern of arc antenna array.

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