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Parametric synthesis of wideband arrays in the conditions of influence of noises


P.N. Bashly, B.D. Manuilov, A.S. Pomysov, A.I. Sherstobitov

In article two methods of synthesis of the antenna array with the complex control are offered, allowing essentially to refine quality of functioning of the antenna array in broad band of frequencies. The decision of the task of synthesis is considered with reference to the frequency band equal of 20 % from operational frequency of the antenna array. At the decision of the task of synthesis it is considered making of the given frequency band that provides synthesis of the antenna array with the relation a signal/space + noise different in all frequency band no more than on 3dB. Results of numerical modeling confirmed efficiency of the offered method. So, in case of the registration of three component frequency bands average value of the relation the antenna array signal/space + noise at implementation of one method increases from-6.53 dB till 17.92dB, and at application of another - from-6.53 dB till 18.41dB. Application of the offered methods of synthesis allows to increase considerably quality of functioning by the antenna in broad band of frequencies at influence of the noises arranged in space and noise.

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