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Digital video coding algorithm under the standard MPEG-2


A.V. Shlyapkin, E.A. Semenishev

Currently, common coding standard for digital TV is MPEG-2 standard. Since real television signals, the interval of several video frames, the movement tends to be relatively unchanged, it is advisable to pass the motion vectors themselves difference method. It is shown that the use of this approach is expedient, if there were changes speed or direction. If this does not happen, then motion vectors for the previous video frame are simply copied.Simulation of the developed scheme showed that the CPU speed f = 108 operations per second, average seek time of the displacement vector of rectangular blocks, moving to four pixels from frame to frame, reached 3,75×10–3 seconds. In this case, the variance of the search time was 1,53×10–5. Thus, the issues of practical implementation of the scheme of search and evaluation of the origin of the image moving in a sequence of television frames. It is shown that the proposed scheme can be implemented within the MPEG-2 standard.

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