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Synthesis of multi-criteria methods smoothing of measurement


E.A. Semenishchev, I.S. Shrayfel, V.I. Marchuk

In modern automatic control systems, data collection, data processing and transmission special role occupied by telecommunication systems to allow for continuous monitoring and transmission of information received at the remote terminal. The process of converting the signals associated with the impact on the measured signal is a random component to reduce the processing which is performed immediately after the analog sensor interface, and data for subsequent monitoring and evaluation system in digital form. In the production of the measuring devices and associated analog interface, there are technological limitations, thus, to improve the reliability, of particular interest are algorithms for pre-processing of digital signals. Typically, in these cases, the processing algorithms, methods based on the minimization of the criterion standard deviation, or maximize signal to noise ratio. Choice is due to the number of a priori information about the problem being solved. With limited information about the function of the desired signal and the statistical characteristics of noise problem much more complicated. We synthesized a method of smoothing digital signals based on the simultaneous minimization of the objective function based on the combined criteria. The analytical expressions presented in minimizing the objective function. Obtained an expression system response to a single impact.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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