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Using a method of reconstruction of two-dimensional signals to restore of archive photos


V.V. Voronin, V.I. Marchuk, N.V. Gapon, R.A. Sizyakin

With the widespread introduction of digital computerized systems of signal processing increased urgency of solving the restoration of images submitted by archival photographs. Over time, these photos appear on the set of defects in the form of single or group of pixels that have different distortions (eg: scratches, stains, dust, do not you want the inscription to the fold line), whose value in brightness is much to stand out among the other pixels. Restoration of these defects in the present, in most cases is carried out through manual processing, which hinders the restoration of all archival photographic documents. In this connection, is a topical problem of automated restoration of archival photographs. The paper describes how to use a new method for reconstruction of two-dimensional signals for processing of archival photographs. The proposed approach used a modified method of exemplar-based methods (EBM), which allows you to choose an adaptive form and size of the block in order to find similar patches. The efficiency of the new approach on several examples in the recovery of archival photographs.

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