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Method of construction of compound curve to the restoration boundaries of objects in images


V.V. Voronin, V.I. Marchuk, G.R. Saakian

An automated restoration of the areas with the lost pixels is it one of problem of image processing. This problem is particularly acute in the implementation of automatic processing of two-dimensional signals from the CCD in digital cameras and machine vision. The paper presents a new method for reconstruction of two-dimensional signals based on the construction of a composite curve for the restoration of the boundaries of the image, which uses the concept of parametric and geometric continuity. It is shown that this method allows you to recover the curved contours in the region with missing pixels using the approximation of boundaries of objects cubic splines. Suggested that after the restoration of the boundary of objects using the method of image reconstruction by the synthesis of texture and structure, which is to find similar blocks in the original image and copying them into the area with missing pixels.

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