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Information Technology as Tool of Monitoring of Space Conditions Regarding the Orbital Segment of Space Systems


S. N. Morozov

The space is actively used at the decision of various problems by means of application of space vehicles (SV) or their groupings which together with land means form space systems (SS). The problem of analysis of SS which decision allows to receive characteristics of level of space activity of the states and the organizations is important. In the process of solving the current problems of analysis, evaluation, and lighting conditions in space in terms of space conditions (SC) is collected and analyzed a wealth of information on SS and SV. However, we can identify a number of shortcomings in the reflection of the dynamics of change in the state of the SC throughout their life cycle, in identifying potential and actual ability to perform system tasks on purpose, as well as in solving a number of other tasks. One of possible ways of increase of efficiency of the analysis of a condition and possibilities КС is creation of information technology (IT) which is understood as the process using set of means and methods of gathering, accumulation, processings and transfers of the primary information for reception of the information of new quality about a condition of object, process or the phenomenon. The article suggests principles of IT and its application tools, such as holding the classification of information on the SC, the use of database information of a specialized center of information processing and others. The model of representation of information means of technology is resulted, according to which basis IT process of formation of the final data on the basis of new which are in turn received by processing of the primary is. Admissible operations over each of these types of the data and ways of their transformation are defined. Based on the formulated principles of building technologies, as well as specific IT processes defined functional elements implemented in the technology, the main of which are blocks of data collection and aggregation of information, calculation of characteristics of structure and capabilities of the SS, analysis of dynamics of changes. The structure of the technology representing set of functional blocks resulted in article and the basic maintenance of their information communications is offered.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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