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Network of small satellites for rapid detection of fires


N. G. Andrianov, V. N. Lagutkin, A. P. Lukjanov, V. F. Fateev, V. V. Kryjanovskij, V. L. Leushin, S. A. Nemykin

Algorithms and software were developed for design and systems analysis of spacecraft networks of various destinations. Software allows to simulate and assess the effectiveness of spacecraft networks, equipped with various optical-electronic observation equipment, taking into account the characteristics of the apparatus onboard sensors, spectroscopy and energy characteristics of the observed objects, atmospheric transparency, the background of Earth surface, clouds and other factors. The problem of creating an effective space network for rapid detection of fires is considered. Based on the simulation results a rational structure of the orbital network of spacecraft was developed providing the most advantageous balance between the geometric (size of view area, covering the entire territory of the Russian Federation), time (the delay in the detection of the outbreak of fire) and energy (signal to noise & background ratio) parameters of optical-electronic devices. The key features of the technical aspect of optical-electronic devices are determined and meet the requirements set by the reliability of detection of fires involving the use of photo-detector arrays and step-by-step line-frame scanning with the degree of compensation of the orbital velocity, which provides 3-fold viewing of continuously protected from fires territory of Russian Federation at each turn of the orbit. Shown that the weight and size characteristics and cost of such equipment is well within the permissible payload of small-sized unified platform of the "Carat" developed by NPO SA Lavochkin.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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