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Research of the Adaptive Algorithm for Detection of Blanketed Long Signals for a Phased Array Radar


V. A. Morzhakov, O. P. Cheremisin

Currently, there are various methods of suppressing interference in a phased array radar. The direct correlation matrix inversion method, regularized and adaptive projection methods are quite efficient. But they suffer from the same shortcoming. They need to form a correlation matrix using the signal containing interference but do not containing the desired signal. This fact significantly reduces the effectiveness of these algorithms, especially in the «twinkling» of interference. Therefore, adaptive algorithms had been developed. These algorithms were free from the described shortcoming. However, they were not allowed to work with long signals. This will be demonstrated in the article. Thus the need to develop adaptive algorithms for the case of long signals appeared. Such algorithms have been developed and a preliminary analysis of their effectiveness has been conducted. An adaptive algorithm for detection of blanketed long signals was developed for a phased array radar and necessity of its applying was demonstrated in the article. It also shows the approach to obtaining the algorithm. Another problem is the identity of channels. The worse the identity, the worse the degree of suppression, so requirements for identity of channels were estimated.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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