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T.S. Gureva, O.A. Dadasheva, P.E. Soldatov, A.M. Nosovskij, N.V. Savina

Embrionalnoe development of birds in its various aspects represents a great interest for many re-searchers. It is known that the embryos of birds developing out of a parent organism, actively react to changes of factors of an environment. Berotta, investigating influences of various concentration of oxygen in an incubator (from 14 to 50 %) on a metabolism of embryos of birds, has shown that decrease in exchange processes at germs of birds comes at superfluous oxygen in the environment from 30-40 % Normal growth of an embryo and morphogenesis birds is impossible without oxygen. The ox-ygen lack during the period embryonic developments causes different uglinesses whereas about a role of surplus of oxygen in development of birds of an unambiguous answer is not present in a germ. The given work is devoted an influence estimation hyperoxia the gas environment on early embryonic the Japanese has sung. In experiment for hatching quail eggs used skilled oxygen-nitric (О2 – 35 %, N2 65 %) a gas respiratory mix. As the control served hatching eggs in vitro. Du-ration of experiment has made 4 days. Influence of gas environments on early embryonic devel-opment of the Japanese has sung estimated by results hatching, to stages of development of em-bryos, and also a morphological condition of a germ and its bodies, a condition of vessels vitelline a bag. The analysis received embryonic a material after end of experiments has shown that germs in the skilled gas environment though were live at fixing, but were at various stages of the devel-opment from 2,5 till 3,5 days. Temporary surplus of oxygen in the environment of development перепелиных eggs did not cause destruction of embryos. Research of blood vessels желточного a bag at embryos of the Japanese has sung, developed in hyperoxia and normoxia, has shown that diameter large vessels of 1 and 2 usages at skilled embryos was less, than at control germs. It can lead to easing of pro-cesses erythropoiesis and synthesis of haemoglobin at germs of birds. Knowing that for incubation quail eggs in hypoxic the gas environment entered 55 % of inert gas of argon that led to positive results, namely, to decrease in destruction an embryo and reduc-tion of anomalies in their development. Therefore, experiment on incubation eggs in oxygen-argono-nitric gas mixes (О2 35 %, N2 10 %, Ar 55 %) has been made. Results have shown that incubation eggs in a gas mix with introduction Ar-55 %, has led to acceleration of term of development of a germ for 4 days on 28,4 %. By means of the one-factorial dispersive analysis it has been shown that diameter of vessels of 1 order: (D1 the beginning of vessels and D1 branch of vessels) and 2 order at the embryos which have developed in hypoxic an oxygen-argono-nitric gas mix is authentic more than at germs, incubate in the oxygen-nitric environment.
May 29, 2020

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