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The Use of Expert Information in Solving the Problem the Review Space-based Phased Array with Electro-Mechanical Scanning


A.S. Peshko, N.N. Mazhura, I.A. Yurchik

Organization review of the space radar with a phased array in the AWACS associated with the solution of some problems caused by incomplete information on the modalities of the radar, as well as the need to find a compromise between the local goals of a multifunctional complex (detection, tracking, recognition, guidance, and etc). A possible solution to this problem is to select a manageable level, ensuring the adaptation of the formation of a procedure for review of the space by periodic correction is used in its binary preference relations based on the experience of professional experts and the prehistory of the functioning of a complex stored in the operation or simulation of its operation. The question of developing an expert system (ES), providing the use of the experience of experts in the formation of a procedure for review of the space radar AWACS. Involvement of experts is a high degree of subjectivity of the information obtained, which determines the choice of the type and parameters identification of situations and make decisions. In such circumstances, reasonable solution to this problem is to use the apparatus of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic, which allows to formalize the notion of subjective human expert in a sufficiently clear and suitable for mathematical transformations form. Preliminary estimates of the domain showed that the amount of the knowledge base developed by the ES, will not exceed a few tens of thousands of rules that allows not to impose too high demands on technology and the implementation of EC (selection tool). Developed structure of EC, presented the mechanism of withdrawal, as well as derived from the implemented prototype numerical results suggest the possibility of using ES to manage the system of forming a procedure for review of the space. Of special importance is the question posed formalization of the knowledge gained from the experts.

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