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The Method and Algorithm for Observed Aircrafts with Imprecise State Coordinates Groups Forming


A.A. Lipatov

The interacting aircrafts grouping automation is a topical problem to reduce of the load on the radio-technical system (RTS) information processing facilities during the mass air raid. The existing methods of aircrafts grouping do not consider explicitly the errors and uncertainties of real measurements of aircrafts state coordinates. Because of this, the RTS operator participation often is necessary to detail the composition of the aircrafts groups. To solve this problem in this paper the interval extension of the aircrafts grouping method developed by A.P. Kirsanoff, O.S. Sorvenkov, D.N. Suzanski is offered. The numerical aircrafts state coordinates are presented by intervals. The special arithmetic operations and relations over intervals are used to interval state coordinates processing. The certain and possible conditions of aircrafts pairs group membership is formulated. The problem of aircrafts grouping is interpreted as the connected graph components selection. The graph nodes present the aircrafts. The graph edges represent the aircrafts pair group membership condition fulfillment. The aircrafts grouping algorithm is offered in this paper.

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