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Computing Algorithm of an Estimation of Laws of Distribution of Co-ordinates of a Source of Electromagnetic Radiation


A.Ju. Koziratsky, M.L. Parinov, A.A. Rahja

Article is continuation spent before the researches devoted to questions of definition of a site of a source of electromagnetic ra-diation on phase front of an electromagnetic wave, generated in two carried areas of space on the basis of three-dot measurement of a phase, and has for an object working out of computing algorithm of an estimation of laws of distribution of co-ordinates of a source of an electromagnetic wave. In article according to a three-dot on-off method пеленгования the computing algorithm allowing, with use of numerical methods is generated, to receive an estimation of laws of distribution of co-ordinates of a source of radiation. The estimation of convergence of the distribution received by numerical modelling, and the histogram of distribution generated on the basis of imitating model, to estimated distributions by criterion has shown the following: probability of convergence for analytical model – 0.96, for imitating – 0.73. The received results testify about comprehensible точностных indicators of the developed analytical computing algorithm and a solvency of use of methods of numerical modelling in interests of definition of the end results in the form of laws of distribution of probabilities with its help.

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