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Synthesis and Analysis of Algorithms for Estimating the Power of the Signal and the Noise Components at the Correlator’s Output


A.I. Perov, I.V. Korogodin

Algorithms of filtering parameters of the power of the useful and the fluctuation components in-phase and quadrature output signals of navigation receiver's correlator are synthesized by means of the theory of optimal estimation. Discriminatory characteristics of synthesized discriminators of these parameters are presented. Also shown, that they have a stable equilibrium point with zero error of the estimated parameters. A simulation of the synthesized filtering algorithm was done. Results of imitation modeling are presented. For example, it is shown that the accuracy of estimating the signal to noise ratio in a civil receiver can reach about 0.05 dBHz (standard deviation) for a signal to noise ratio 40-50 dBHz. At the same time, the accuracy of estimating the signal noise rate, when it is 10 dBHz, is reduced to about 1 dBHz. Similar algorithms are implemented in the navigation receiver. The efficiency of algorithms is confirmed, satisfactory performance is received.

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