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Research of Characteristics of System of Synchronization of Signals Modulation with BOC


V. Kharisov, O. Lopatko, P. Golovin, A. Pastuhov, A. Oganesyan

Implemented in GNSS signal modulated with BOC has multipeak character of autocorrelation function, that direct influence on characteristics of signal acquisition. In this work analytically obtained potential characteristics of signal acquisition with ВОС modulation, and shown their relation with characteristics of acquisition of traditional signals with BPSK modulation. Theoretical results are confirmed by experimental researches. The studies concluded: the analysis of experimentally received characteristics has shown their good enough coincidence to theoretical results; time necessary for acquisition of a BOC-signal in optimum algorithm of reception practically doesn't differ from time necessary for detection BPSK of a signal with the same parameters of PRN code; at typical intervals of uncertainty for correct definition of position of ВОС signal to within a code element, it is required essentially more time, than that for the permission of Autocorrelation peaks; application in GNSS signals with ВОС modulation won't lead to essential deterioration of characteristics of acquisition of a signal in comparison with traditional BPSK signals.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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