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Intensity of Complex Amplitude Depolarized the Component of The Field Reflected from the Sea Surface at the Narrow Diagram of Directivity of Antennas


V.T. Lobatch

Reflection of electromagnetic waves by the agitated water surface is explored at a small space diversity of points of radiation and reception and major angle of sight. Statistical performances of complex amplitudes of leakage fields of cross polarizations are analyzed in view of the isotropic ripples presented as the linear superposition of independent plane waves, spreading under different in relation to axis Ox corners. It is shown, that at angle of sight the degree of a depolarization of the reflected field is more incremented , allowing to gain effects {results} comparable with experimental datas. Besides cross components increase in accordance with magnification of a space diversity of receiving and transmitting antennas. This increment on vanishing angles of sight is most appreciable.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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