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Algorythms and Technologies of UWB Signals


Yu.M. Braude-Zolotarev

The article describes the standards and proposals for generation of UWB (Ultra Wide Band) signals. Many of them are devoid of the declared advantages. Some UWB signals possess pseudo-random sequences which are produced by the linear generator polynomials which fail to protect the UWB signals from the radio combat devices. The article recommends algorithms for safe protection from the radio combat devices on the basis of the cryptosafe random numbers generators with non-linear and non-stationary generator polynoms which support absolute cryptosafety and are simpler in realization. The recommendations cover UWB signals with Random Time Hopping – TH and Frequency Hopping – FH, QPSK (quadrator pulse shift key) and the error correction code with the optimal syndrome decoder. The preference is given to the simplest algorithms operating on the binary shift register. The recommendations are based on several reports, articles and patents published between 1997 and 2010 with the purpose to optimize technical security devices. Under any realization of the recommended algorithms, either programmed or based on ASIC, they are much simpler than the currently used algorithms. ASIC is the more preferable of the two. The article describes the details of ASIC which were developed by 15 leading international producers and Semiconductor Instrument Production and Research Institute of Tomsk. Several UWB signal have already been realized on their basis.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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