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Telemedicine System for Diabetes Risk Assessment


E.A. Pustozerov, Z.M. Yuldashev

The spread of diabetes is one of the most important problems of in the world’s public health. A bullet point in treatment and prevention of disease is its early diagnostics. However organizationof thescreeningof the population for the risk assessment of development of diabetes is difficult by the variety of reasons. In this connection becomes actual the design of telemedicine system (TMS) of risk assessment of diabetes which would allow to diagnose early diabetes symptoms with the minimal financial costs. The system can be shown as two interfacial subsystems: subsystem of the diagnostics center and patient’s subsystem. Information transferring between them is implemented by the Internet via different communications channels. Personal computer and a communications interface are the only indispensable elements in the subsystem of the patient. Means of the media transferring and patient’s individual glucometer can be necessary for some modes. System works in two modes. The first mode (main mode) is an autonomous mode in which patient works with anexpert systemplaced on a server of diagnostics center. There are two scripts of an autonomous work provided on this modehanging on availability of patient’s glucose measuring devise. The second mode is a mode of a telemedicine consultation. It is available only for patients with a risk of diabetes, which was revealed by the means of a testing. The structure of system’s dataware is developed from type scheme.Peculiarity of the system occurs from substantial parts of its components. The program of disease risk assessment is set in the knowledge base of the system. In the knowledge base there are initial criteria for assessment of the risk and degree of diabetes calculated by the correlation of symptoms.Database of the system contains the information of filled tests and medical cards. It is used for the reveal of the correlation between diagnostic characters, symptoms and patients. This information is necessary for improvement of tests and for investigation of the clinical course of individual patient. The analyses of statistics can expose the diagnostic value of different symptoms in different clinical cases and be used in optimization of the program and technology of the investigation. Integrated assessment of diagnostic values, disease course for individual patient, and statistic data of groups containing current patient is used for revealing of the risk and degree of diabetes. Testing mode with glucometer usage allows accomplishing an effective distance diagnostics of diabetes.

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