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Principles of Formation Individual Standard Physiological Person’s Parameters at Periodic Inspections by the Method of Functional Biofeedback Control


N.A. Sadykova, Yu.I. Senkevich, N.B. Suvorov

In modern medicine the much attention is given to progress of a method of a biological feedback (BFB).Its essence consists that by means of an external circuit of the feedback organized mainly by means of microprocessor or computer technics, the information on a condition and variation of those or other own physiological processes is shown to the patient that allows the patient to develop skills of self-control. Vast majority of physiological functions have oscillatory character. Therefore fundamental importance in computer it is BFB-technologies has oscillatory biofeedback control which allows to reveal and restore the natural (own) biological rhythms of an organism lost owing to adverse external factors. In Research Institute of Experimental Medicine of the RAMS the intellectual computer complex «Kardiotrening» is developed, the using method BFB for correction cardiorespiratory rhythm of the person. The essence of training consists that on the monitor in actual time the signal of a feedback in the form of it cardiorhythmogram (CRG) is shown to the patient, frequency of cordial reductions reflecting rate of change. At the same time on the screen the sine wave curve with the set parameters, being target function (TF) is represented. During procedure the examinee should combine two curves – CRG and TF. The Primary goal of procedure is restoration cardiorespiratory synchronization and revealing own cardiorhythm. Parameters of TF at the given stage pay off only according to parameters CRG, removed in the previous test. Thus results of procedures of the specific patient lead with it earlier are not considered. At periodic inspections it is very important to have data about individual physiological norm of each specific person, that will allow to supervise at each new visiting a functional condition of the patient concerning its own physiological parameters, as well as to specify such parameters of TF which will not lead to physiologically unacceptable reactions. In this context it is offered to modify structure of the complex «Kardiotrening» by addition of the block of formation of individual normative physiological parameters, and to change algorithm of definition of parameters of TF so that for each new test the task it was shaped on the basis of all previous experience. The offered variation of the block diagram of a complex and new algorithm of formation of a set periodic curve will allow to supervise parameters of TF, not deducing them for limits of individual physiological possibilities of the person and to define the task for each new test on the basis of data, the procedures saved up for all previous cycle. Thus, it will allow to accelerate process of achievement of planned improving effect.

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